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Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health

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Faculty VII - A joint project

University management, founding commission, internal planning group and external advisory board consisting of independent, high-level experts worked closely together to draw up a concept for Faculty VII of the University of Bayreuth within just a few months.

Prof. Dr. Stephan Clemens (head of the planning group and current founding dean) and the managing director of the Campus Kulmbach continue at the reins, and maintain the lines of communication to Kulmbach. The former Head Mayor Henry Schramm supported this project right from the beginning and with greatest efforts. Since May 2020, a very committed team around Head Mayor Ingo Lehmann is working towards our common goal: a Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health of the University of Bayreuth on the Campus Kulmbach.

New and innovative in the field of nutrition

The concept for Faculty VII follows a holistic approach.

According to the tradition of the University of Bayreuth, it is about interdisciplinary research and teaching on the great challenges of our time:

  • What are the causal relationships between risk of disease and life style and/or nutrition?
  • Which individual, social, cultural, and/or socio-economic factors hinder healthy lifestyles and diets?
  • How can providing people with sufficient quantities of healthy food be improved?

The Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health aims to find answers to these questions and challenges through its interdisciplinary approach, and to develop innovative solutions. To this end, the natural science perspective, which focuses on current, far-reaching methodological revolutions in the life sciences, will be combined with modern concepts from the economic, legal, social, and behavioural sciences. The special competencies offered by the Kulmbach site and the proven strengths of the University of Bayreuth will be taken up and consolidated.


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Professorship of Food Law - Prof. Dr. Kai Purnhagen

The food system is in urgent need of transformation, particularly within the world’s largest and most impactful market: the European Union.

Law plays an integral part in such a transformation. Law regulates such vastly complex food systems, which include private and public actors across geographical and legal boundaries in order to solve and prevent problems of food safety, food security and the related external effects.

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Professorship of Public Health Nutrition - Junior Professor Laura M. König

Lifestyle behaviours such as unhealthy eating are leading contributors to overweight and obesity, which in turn are associated with non-communicable diseases, premature deaths and reduced quality of life.

At the Junior Professorship of Public Health Nutrition, we study a broad range of determinants of eating behaviour and test digital and choice architecture interventions to promote healthy lifestyles.

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