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Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health

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Living, working, and studying in the Kulmbach Food Cluster

The branch office of the University of Bayreuth started in December 2017 with the opening of a planning office for the Campus in Kulmbach and Faculty VII.  Currently, the Kulmbach site is located in the former administrative mansion of the Kulmbach spinning mill.  It accommodates administrative offices and provides conference, seminar, and meeting rooms for various university and non-university events for both internal and external visitors.

Teaching and Research: Interdisciplinary, International, Innovative

In the middle of Kulmbach, a campus of interdisciplinarity and internationality will be created, uniting the perspectives of natural science, economics, law, social sciences, and behavioural science in one place in a way that has not yet been seen in Germany. Thus, our new satellite thoroughly corresponds to the mission statement of the University of Bayreuth:

  • creative
  • courageous
  • innovative
  • liveable

Kulmbach is home to companies and authorities that are involved in food, health, and nutrition. The Campus is Kulmbach is being built in the immediate vicinity of these institutions. This enables intensive professional cooperation.

Start-up culture meets established economy

It is hoped that Bayreuth's shared entrepreneurial spirit will spill over to Kulmbach: On our campus, the creation of space (offices and laboratories) available for (prospective) start-ups, young innovators, and established companies is planned, all of them eager to develop innovative business ideas, products, and processes in close cooperation with science.

In this way, students are made aware of the connection between their studies and the "real world", e.g. the understanding of the connections between scientific findings and the social conditions of practical application. The design and implementation of the courses of study is therefore also carried out in direct consultation with companies, institutes, and authorities.

Infrastructure: Close networking, close at hand

As a satellite of the University of Bayreuth, the campus in Kulmbach is closely networked with the facilities and services offered by the campus in Bayreuth. Car-Sharing can be used by students and employees. Nevertheless, all the structures and facilities necessary to guarantee its independent functioning will be created in Kulmbach. In an effort to make the campus in Kulmbach attractive for students - particularly, international students - there is a newly built student hall of residence located next door to the buildings in which research and teaching will be conducted.

Moreover, employees on the campus in Kulmbach are offered ideal working and living conditions: Innovative interdisciplinary research opportunities are available for scientists. These are supported by the connection to excellent research institutions and profile fields of the University of Bayreuth.

The Kulmbach site is also breaking new ground when it comes to catering: For example, the site’s own cafeteria will incorporate possibilities for conducting scientific work, e.g., on the use of nudging, or on the implementation of sustainability strategies.

The campus is Kulmbach is impressive for its short distances and intensive scientific exchange. In addition, Kulmbach offers its approximately 26,000 inhabitants a comprehensive range of culture and gastronomy.

Click here for the current brochure of the Bavarian Food Cluster at the Competence Center for Nutrition (KErn) called "Kulmbach. THE place for food."

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