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Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health

Site Campus in Kulmbach

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The Campus in Kulmbach

Teaching at the new satellite campus of the University of Bayreuth in Kulmbach started with the winter semester 2020/21.  At that time we had to improvise a lot and rented various rooms at different locations for our lectures. Two years later, at the start of the 2022/23 winter semester, we reached a major milestone when we moved into the Old Spinning Mill ("Alte Spinnerei"), which had been renovated since 2019.

Various lecture rooms, a large lounge, a canteen, a library and several offices are now located here. The faculty administration has its offices in the former administration villa of the Kulmbach Spinning Mill. The laboratories, which have been equipped according to the latest standards, are integrated in the building of the Fritz shopping center, where some of the natural science chairs are also located. (Map of the campus)

Foor room reservations please contact the deanery, point of contact is Susanne Mattis.

Administration Villa, Fritz-Hornschuch-Straße 13

The offices of the faculty administration as well as the chairs of Digital Health, Food Sociology, Food Supply Chain Management, Food Law and Public Health Nutrition of the faculty are located here. On the second floor there is a seminar room as well as the media laboratory.

Please note that there is no barrier-free access for the administraion villa.

Alte Villa: Seminarraum mit Tischen und Stühlen

Seminar room on the 2nd floor
The seminar room offers up to 20 seats and is used for lectures and internal meetings.

Media lab on the 2nd floor
The modern media lab on the Campus in Kulmbach was created in close cooperation with the FZBHL. Here our teachers have the possibility to record their lectures in front of the green screen. In media and presentation training, our students learn and practice how scientific information can be produced and published in a manner that is comprehensible for the public.

Ausschnitt der Außenwand Alte Spinnerei mit etwas Himmel

Alte Spinnerei (ASP), Hans-Hacker-Straße 10

Right next to the administration villa is the Alte Spinnerei (Old Spinning Mill). In this large historic building the university uses two floors, which can be accessed via the southern staircase (bus terminal ZOB). There is barrier-free access (elevator) on the side facing the villa. The unrenovated part of the building is not part of the University premises - it is the site of the planned “Green Centre”.

Alte Spinnerei Seminarraum 213 mit Tischen, Stühlen, Großbild-TV und großem Fenster

1st floor
This is where the canteen is located, which is expected to start operations with the beginning of the summer semester 2023.

2nd floor
The lecture rooms are on the 2nd floor, as well as large lounge, the specialist library, a behavioral laboratory and the PC pool. The Study Service Team and the Student Council also have their offices here.

Außenansicht des Fritz-Einkaufszentrums

Fritz Shopping Centre, Fritz-Hornschuch-Straße 9

In the Fritz Shopping Centre, right next to the office building of the Campus in Kulmbach, the University of Bayreuth occupies an area of in total 2,800 sqm on several floors. A characteristic scientific working environment has been created here. In addition to offices for the professors and their teams, it offers mainly laboratories for novice internships in biology and chemistry with extensive measuring technology, key labs and seminar rooms. All laboratories boast state-of-the-art equipment.

Barrier-free access is provided by elevators.

Seminarraum 139 mit Tischen und Stühlen

1st floor
This floor accommodates the offices, meeting rooms and key labs for the professorships Food Metabolome as well as Bioanalytical Sciences and Food Analysis: here PhD students and other scientists find modern labs for their research. Seminar room 139 can be accessed through the door at the end of the corridor (behind H&M).

Labor mit Meßgeräten ohne Menschen

2nd floor
On this floor you will find the well-equipped state-of-the-art laboratories for novice internships in natural sciences.

3rd floor
Towards the end of 2023 the professorships in natural sciences will move into the new space on the 3rd floor of the Fritz building.

7th floor
The offices, labs and measuring rooms of the professorships for Biochemistry of Nutrition as well as for Crop Plant Genetics are located right at the top - with a beautiful view over Kulmbach.

Außenansicht Gebäude Kressenstein 15

External buildings

Kressenstein 15
Early in 2022 Prof. Dr. Tim Dorlach, professorship for Global Nutrition and Health Policy, and his team moved into the rooms on the second floor of the building in Kressenstein 15 (not barrier-free). Apart from that, Prof. Dr. Frank Suhr, professorship for Molecular Sports Physiology, and some staff of the professorship for Food Law have offices there. A new meeting room is being furnished in the loft.

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