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Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health

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Luftansicht Spinnereigelände Kulmbach

Bayreuth University in Kulmbach - the milestones

As the youngest of seven faculties at the University of Bayreuth, the Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health is still in its developmental phase. However, a lot has happened since the decision of the Bavarian Council of Ministers in June 2017 to found the faculty until the planning order for the new campus building was issued in May 2023. See for yourself!

The beginnings (2017 - 2018)Hide
  • June 2017: Resolution of the Bavarian Council of Ministers to establish a seventh faculty at the University of Bayreuth called "Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health" with up to 1000 students, 150 employees and over 22 professorships at the Kulmbach site.
  • December 2017: Founding Dean Prof. Dr. Stephan Clemens and Managing Director Dr. Matthias Kaiser start their work in the first faculty office in the gatehouse of the "Alte Spinnerei" (former spinning mill)
  • July 2018: The Bavarian state government approves the scientific concept and the timetable for the development of the faculty
  • October 2018: Amendment to the constitution of the University of Bayreuth to regulate the development of its seventh faculty; relocation to the administration building in Kulmbach
First developments (2019 - 2020)Hide
  • March 2019: Inauguration of the "Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health" at the University of Bayreuth in Kulmbach with Minister of State Bernd Sibler and Prof. em. Hannelore Daniel
  • Autumn 2019: Commencement of calls for applications for the first professorships
  • October 2019: Acceptance of the project "Faculty VII" in the state government's High Tech Agenda
  • January 2020: The first public lecture organised by the faculty (Prof. Dr. Martin Korte from TU Braunschweig in the Kulmbach community hall at the invitation of the faculty) attracts hundreds of interested people
  • May 2020: The first professorship has been filled
  • August 2020: The Federal Minister of Nutrition Julia Klöckner visits the Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health
  • September 2020: The first student of the Faculty of Life Sciences is enrolled
  • October 2020: Introduction of the  master's programme „Food Quality and Safety M.Sc.“
  • November 2020: Start of teaching (under Corona conditons); the Academy for New Media (Akademie für Neue Medien), KErn and Bayreuth University introduce the „Ernährungsradar“
Recent developmentsHide
  • April 2021: Introduction of the master's programme "Global Food, Nutrition and Health M.Sc."
  • June 2021: Moving into the first offices in the "fritz"
  • October 2021: Start of in-classroom teaching in Kulmbach, opening of the "Mensateria" (canteen), move into the first laboratories in the "fritz", introduction of the bachelor's programme "Lebensmittel- und Gesundheitswissenschaften B.Sc."
  • November 2021: Presentation of a guide through the EU regulatory jungle for producers of novel foods (supported by the Adalbert Raps Foundation)
  • December 2021: The property purchase for the new building passes the budget committee of the state parliament
  • March 2022: First laboratory practicals in own rooms at the "fritz"
  • April 2022: Notarial certification of the property acquisition by the Free State of Bavaria
  • July 2022: Campus Day in Kulmbach: the Faculty of Life Sciences opens its doors to the population of Kulmbach; start of the lecture series "Kulmbacher Stadgespräch"
  • October 2022: Moving into the faculty premises in the "Alte Spinnerei" (former spinning mill), election of the new faculty management from within the ranks: Prof. Dr. Janin Henkel-Oberländer is elected new dean
  • November 2022: Opening of the new premises by Minister of State Markus Blume
  • April 2023: Opening of the new Mensa (canteen) in the "Alte Spinnerei" by the Studentenwerk Oberfranken
  • May 2023: The design contract for the new campus building in Kulmbach has been issued
  • October 2024: Introduction of the master's programme "Food System Sciences M. Sc."

Here too, you will get an insight into the history of the faculty in the overall context of the University of Bayreuth.

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