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Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health

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Our Study Programmes

Bachelor Programmes

Lebensmittel- und Gesundheitswissenschaften (B.Sc.)

The German-language bachelor's programme "Lebensmittel- und Gesundheitswissenschaften" has been introduced in the winter semester 2021/ 22. This interdisciplinary programme integrates elements from the natural sciences, social sciences, economics, and law to provide a holistic perspective for addressing complex challenges within the areas of food, nutrition and health. Our students learn to understand current global challenges from an interdisciplinary perspective and to develop forward-looking solutions.

Master Programmes

Food Quality and Safety (M.Sc.)

The English-language master's programme "Food Quality and Safety" was launched in the winter semester 2020/ 21. Thematically, the programme is interdisciplinary in design, combining a life science focus (e.g. biology of crop plants and animals, food microbiology, biochemistry and physiology of nutrition, food chemistry and toxicology) with an approximately equal share of legal, social and economic studies. This course is suitable for students with a Bachelor's degree in natural sciences.

Food System Sciences (M.Sc.)

The English-language master's programme "Food System Sciences" will be introduced in the winter semester 2024/ 25. The innovative programme integrates different aspects of the food system, allowing students to gain insights into the interfaces between Analytics in Life Sciences, Nutritional Physiology, Food Law, and the Bioeconomy. The subsequent specialisation in one of these disciplines enables students to make a significant contribution to ensuring a sufficient and high-quality food supply for the growing world population. This course is suitable for students holding a Bachelor's degree in a diverse range of fields, including natural sciences, life sciences, social sciences, law, business/economics, as well as nutrition and health sciences. Please find the press release here.

Global Food, Nutrition and Health (M.Sc.)

The English-language master's programme "Global Food, Nutrition and Health" was introduced in the summer semester 2021. This programme provides an interdisciplinary training for global changemakers at the intersection of global health and the world food system. It combines insights from health and nutritional sciences with a social science perspective that draws on political science, law, sociology and public health. This course is suitable for students with a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition and/or health sciences.

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