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Buddy Programmes

Hände halten WELCOME hoch

The Buddy Programme at the Kulmbach Campus

What are the goals of the Buddy Programme?

The first weeks in a foreign country are not always easy. We would like to provide international students and employees of the university campus in Kulmbach with guidance and orientation in the new country and the new town, thus supporting their social, linguistic and cultural integration.

Information for our volunteers:

To ease the start for our newcomers, we are looking for people that have ties to Kulmbach. Whether it is having coffee or going on an excursion together, visiting a concert, playing sports or just chatting: The project aims to create acquaintances and friendships across cultural differences. By volunteering, you will meet interesting people and learn about new cultures. Moreover, you will be an ambassador of the town and the region and contribute actively to the university campus in Kulmbach.

Becoming a buddy does not mean entering into a commitment with binding obligations. It is entirely up to you to decide, with how much intensity and variety you want to shape this buddy friendship. If you have any doubts, just ask us!

Do you feel like joining our programme? We look forward to hearing from you!

Of course, our students and employees are also welcome to take on a mentorship themselves once they have settled in.

Information for our international students and employees:

Are you looking for support when arriving in your new country? Would you like to get to know people from Kulmbach? Then simply send us an e-mail. As soon as we have found a suitable mentor, we will send you both the contact details of each other by e-mail. You can then connect directly and arrange a first meeting.

What you make of this this buddy friendship, how often you meet and what you do together, is entirely up to you - this is not an obligation, but rather an offer, which you can shape individually.

Read below the testimonials of  successfull and cordial buddy friendships:

Arameh, Karin and Oliver - participants in the Buddy Programme at Campus Kulmbach:

Mitglieder des Patenschaftsprogramms

Student Arameh: "Studying abroad can present numerous challenges, particularly when one's native culture contrasts with the host country. However, through the Patenschaftsprogramm, I was fortunate to acquire invaluable insights into German culture, lifestyle, and work practises. This program not only facilitated my language proficiency, but also acquainted me with the intricacies of local rules and customs. Additionally, it afforded me the enduring friendship with Karin and Oliver, whose companionship prevented feeling of being alone and significantly contributed to my professional development in the field of food quality and safety."

Buddies Karin and Oliver: "When we can pass on our experiences and insights to students, enable them to find their way around our country better and get an incredible amount of gratitude and affection in return, we know that this is a really great partnership. We need a better welcoming culture to make lovely people like Arameh feel at home here. We are very grateful and proud to be able to participate."

Sushma Gandharva and Helga Lormes - participants in the Buddy Programme at Campus Kulmbach:

our buddies on tour

Student Sushma: “When I came to Germany, I joined the buddy programme organised by campus Kulmbach. Then I got Helga as my buddy. She made me realize that I am not alone in this totally new place and after meeting her family I was overwhelmed. She supported me to settle down in Kulmbach thereby showing me all the official buildings and shopping centres. We meet each other very often and also exchange our food culture. She also helps me improve my German language. I am very thankful to Helga for being my best buddy and I am grateful to Campus Kulmbach for organising such fantastic buddy programme.“

Buddy Helga: „I am very pleased that I met Sushma through the Buddy Programme. It is nice that I can help her to feel comfortable in Kulmbach. My family and I also learn from Shushma by getting a glimpse of Nepal's culture. The programme widens the horizon of everybody involved. Thank you!"

The project is a member of the Kulmbach Bürgerengagement Börse.


PULS Study Support

E-Mail: puls.leg@uni-bayreuth.de
Telefon: +49 (0) 9221 407 1006 (Biehl) or 407 1007 (Dr. Kaul)


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The Buddy Programme of the University of Bayreuth

The Buddy Programme of the International Office in cooperation with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN Bayreuth) is also open for students at the Kulmbach Campus.

On the one hand, the Buddy Programme offers new international students the opportunity to get in touch with experienced students of the University of Bayreuth, ask questions and make friends. On the other hand, Bayreuth and Kulmbach students who are interested in international and intercultural exchange get the chance to meet new international students from all over the world.

Interested UBT students can find more information here.

New international students are automatically invited to the Buddy Programme by e-mail. If you have not received an invitation or need further information, please contact buddy@uni-bayreuth.de.

Webmaster: Dr. Pia Kaul

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