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Programme-specific FAQs can be found directly on the pages of the study programmes "Lebensmittel- und Gesundheitswissenschaften" (B.Sc.), "Food Quality and Safety" (M.Sc.) and "Global Food, Nutrition and Health" (M.Sc.).

General information

When do the study programmes start?Hide

From the year 2022 onwards, our programme can be started exclusively in the winter semester (mid of October). The exact date will be in your admission letter.

The official start of the winter semester 2023/24 is 1 October 2023. Lectures will start on 16 October 2023.

Where will the study programmes be taught?Hide

The programme will be taught in the newly founded Faculty of Life Sciences which is located in Kulmbach (around 25 km away from the main campus of the University of Bayreuth). Kulmbach is home not only to several internationally operating food companies, but also to the Max Rubner Institute, the Bavarian Control Authority for Food Safety and Veterinary Medicine, the State Technical College for Food Technology, the Competence Centre for Nutrition, and the Kulmbach Clinical Centre. All these bodies are involved in various research projects and in the Faculty's teaching activities.

Regarding the current situation with Covid-19, will the assessments and enrolment proceed as planned?Hide

For the moment, we assume that all assessments, the later enrolment, and the start of the winter semester will proceed as planned. We will keep you updated on any changes. Further information and updates on the current situation for students and staff of the University of Bayreuth can be found here.

Are there any tuition fees?Hide

There are no tuition fees for our study programmes. However, in Germany, students at all higher education institutions must pay a semester contribution. This payment (at the University of Bayreuth: about 110 EUR per semester) has nothing to do with tuition fees; rather, it covers your contributions to student services and the student government. At the University of Bayreuth, it includes a "semester ticket" that allows you to use public transport in the region and entitles you to eat at reduced prices in the university canteen.

Where can I find information about typical study contents and job perspectives?Hide

An introductory presentation of the study programmes and mini-lectures about typical study contents can be found here.

Application for master's programmes

How to write a letter of motivation (written presentation of course-specific competences)?Hide

State in max. two pages the skills and expertise that qualify you for the study programme according to the following criteria:

  • Verbal skills: showing that you are able to express yourself precisely and comprehensibly in the English language.
  • Interest: explain the connection between personal interest and the interdisciplinary character of the study programme.
  • Interdisciplinary study skills: study specific professional training or internships, periods abroad, awards such as scholarships etc.
Do I have to apply online? Hide

Yes, please use the following link: https://campusonline.uni-bayreuth.de/ubto/webnav.ini. A submission of printed (certified) copies by mail is not necessary.

Can I send my application by e-mail or mail?Hide

We are sorry, but we can only accept applications through our online portal which is open from March 1 to June 15 (for a start in the winter semester).

If I send an e-mail containing my CV, transcript of records, etc. could you please tell me my chances in getting admitted?Hide

We are sorry, but we cannot do any pre-evaluation. Please check out carefully the entry requirements listed on our webpage as well as the assessment procedure. If you think, you fulfil all requirements and would like to be admitted to our programme, please submit all required documents exclusively through our online portal. E-mail attachments cannot be considered for evaluation.

Do I have to apply via uni-assist?Hide

Applicants from outside the EU who have obtained their degree abroad have to upload their application documents via uni-assist and undergo a fee-based special procedure. You can find the relevant information for the document checking process here.

In the following cases, an application via uni-assist is not necessary:

  • You have a German, EU, EEA or Swiss citizenship
  • You are already enrolled as a student at the University of Bayreuth
  • You already have obtained your entrance qualification for master's programmes (usually your first degree) at an accredited university in Germany.
When do I have to apply for my VPD via uni-assist?Hide

Please apply for your VPD (preliminary review documentation) as early as possible (at least 6-8 weeks before the application deadline for the desired degree programme at the University of Bayreuth). We can only accept your VPD if it has been issued for an application to the University of Bayreuth. You can have your documents reviewed by uni-assist any time of the year. If the portal for the desired semester has not yet been opened at uni-assist, simply select the current semester. It does not matter whether you apply for the summer or the winter semester at uni-assist. Please note, however, that the application deadline at the University of Bayreuth (15 June) must be met. Your VPD will remain valid for one year.

Could you help me with my application in CAMPUSonline?Hide

A brief application guide can be found here. For all other technical problems (unusual error messages, page cannot be loaded, etc.) with CAMPUSonline, please contact the CM Help Team.

I cannot submit all required documents in time. Can I nevertheless apply for one of your programmes?Hide

All documents except for the Bachelor certificate need to be submitted before the application deadline (June 15). The Bachelor certificate can be uploaded latest by August 15.

May I apply for both master's programmes?Hide

Yes, it is possible to apply for both master's programmes. However, you must write a separate letter of motivation for each study programme in which you explain why you are applying for the respective programme.

I have applied through the online portal. What is the next step?Hide

After we receive your application, two members of our selection committee will rate it in a 2-step aptitude assessment process (step 1, evaluation of submitted application documents; step 2, interview). We try to assess as many applications as possible already before the application deadline. Interviews will start in June.

Until when will I receive information, if I get an invitation for an interview?Hide

We try to assess as many applications as possible already before the application deadline. Please understand that due to the large number of applications, the aptitude process might take a while. We therefore ask you to refrain from asking about the status of your application.

How will the interviews take place?Hide

Applicants from foreign countries do not have to travel to Bayreuth to participate in the interview. Instead, we will arrange an online interview (preferred) or a telephone interview. Please note that travel expenses such as travel costs, accommodation or food, which arise because of participation in the selection process, cannot be refunded.

I have already completed a master's degree. Should I submit the master's certificate as well?Hide

It is not mandatory to submit the master's certificate. However, we strongly recommend enclosing it, as it represents a valuable piece of information for our selection committee and might prove the information about your master's study in your CV.

Information for newly admitted students

Where can I find information about the visa application procedure?Hide

Click here to find detailed information about visa requirements for your country and tips on applying for a visa.

Where can I find accomodation?Hide

Since all lectures will take place at our faculty in Kulmbach, we highly recommend to look for accomodation in Kulmbach. There is a brand-new student dormitory next to the town center. (Furnished) rooms are also offered on the private housing market.

How much are the living costs in Kulmbach?Hide

Prices for accommodation, food and leisure activities are moderate compared to other German student cities. Nevertheless, prospective students should consider early on how they will finance their studies. Students in Germany spend an average of €850 on living expenses. Of course, these costs can vary considerably, depending on your lifestyle and the place of residence. The following information provides an initial overview of the costs that students in Kulmbach will definitely have to pay:

  • Semester Fee: ca. €110/semester
  • Health Insurance (if you do not have a European health insurance policy): ca. €105/month
  • Licence Fee for Public Broadcasting (GEZ-Gebühr): €17.50/month
  • Internet Access: ca. €20/month
  • Groceries: starting at €150/month
  • Furnished Accommodation (rent including utilities):
    • SWO student dorms: €200 - €300/month (depending on dorm and the type of room)
    • Private student dorms: €300 - €550/month
    • 1-room apartment: starting at €400/month
    • Room in a shared apartment: starting at €280/month
What is the enrolment deadline at the University of Bayreuth?Hide

The enrolment deadline is 28 September 2023, but we recommend to enrol as quickly as possible as you need access to the online services and classes before the start of the lectures (16 October 2023).

I have recently been admitted. What is the next step?Hide

Please open your CAMPUSonline account and accept the study place. After accepting the study place, you will find in the self-service portal the application for enrolment and a list of documents that need to be submitted for enrolment. Please note that students must be registered for compulsory insurance in the German public health insurance system. You can find more information about compulsory insurance here.

Can I send my enrolment documents by e-mail?Hide

We are sorry, but this is not possible. Please send all required documents by post to the address provided on the enrolment application form or drop your documents in the mailbox at the office door of the Student Administration Office (room 1.09, ZUV building, Universitätsstraße 30, 95447 Bayreuth). Detailed information on the enrolment process can be found on the website of the student administration office.

Webmaster: Dr. Pia Kaul

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